We’re on a roll!

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Oh, you thought I wouldn’t be updating so soon hmmm?


Anyways, I have some new people to introduce to you peoples:

Richard S. Carbonneau and Vic Malhorta!

They will be working together on a story for the NOBODIES anthology titled Muttnik. I’ve read the script and let me tell you that it is pretty darn cool.

More on that soon, but you should check out their websites and hire them for something. Their info can be found in our BIOGRAPHIES page.

The list so far:

  1. Jon Cairns
  2. Richard S. Carbonneau *NEW*
  3. Leo Castañeda
  4. Anat Even-Or
  5. Vic Malhorta *NEW*
  6. William Morris-Julien
  7. Victor Ochoa
  8. Ben Passmore
  9. William Tempest

And that’s not even the finished list. Just saying…

Here’s some art by Vic: